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Title Definition
Sustainable Land Management (SLM)

SLM is defined as the use of land resources, including soils, water, animals and plants, for the production of goods to meet changing human needs, while simultaneously ensuring the long-term... read more

Sustainable use

 the uses of the biological products and ecological services of ecosystems in a manner and at a rate that does not reduce the system’s ability to provide those products and... read more


 In the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, reporting units that are ecosystem-based but at a level of aggregation far higher than that usually applied to ecosystems. Thus the system includes many... read more


A point or level at which new properties emerge in an ecological, economic, or other system, invalidating predictions based on mathematical relationships that apply at lower levels. For example,... read more


Exposure to contingencies and stress, and the difficulty in coping with them. Three major dimensions of vulnerability are involved: exposure to stresses, perturbations, and shocks; the sensitivity... read more

Water quality

The level of purity of water; the safety or purity of drinking water.

Water quality testing

monitoring water for various contaminants to make sure it is safe for fish protection, drinking, and swimming.

Water scarcity

A water supply that limits food production, human health, and economic development. Severe scarcity is taken to be equivalent to 1,000 cubic meters per year per person or greater than 40% use... read more

Water Table, Perched (Perched Ground Water Table)

The upper surface of a local zone of soil water saturation held above the main body of groundwater by an impermeable layer or stratum, (usually clay) and separated from the main body of... read more


a region or area over which water flows into a particular lake, reservoir, stream, or river.


a dug or drilled hole used to get water from the earth.


land (marshes or swamps) saturated with water constantly or recurrently; conducive to wide biodiversity [fn]... read more


 land remaining in basically wild (i.e., undisturbed) condition, with few if any traces of human activities.
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