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Title Definition
Flagship species

species, usually charismatic ones, that can serve as a symbol of nature and conservation, and be used as a logo or otherwise in fundraising and education by conservation organizations, such as the... read more


All non-woody plants (grass, grass-like plants, and forbs) and portions of woody plants (browse) available to domestic livestock and wildlife for food or harvested for feeding. Only a portion of a... read more

Forage Acre

An acre with a theoretical 100 percent cover of forage. A concept used to estimate grazing capacity.

Forage Acre Requirement

The amount of forage, expressed in forage acres or fractions thereof, needed to sustain a mature grazing animal for a specific period without injury to the range resource.

Forage Area

In habitat evaluation models, the percentage of a Habitat Analysis Unit not considered hiding cover or thermal cover.

Forage Production (Forage Yield)

The weight of forage that is produced within a Designated period of time on a given area. The weight may be expressed as green, air dry, or oven dry. The term may also be modified as to time of... read more

Forage, Green

Range forage consisting of all available and palatable live plant material and dead tips of growing grasses.


Land with tree crown cover (or equivalent stocking level) of more than 10 percent and area of more than 0.5 ha. [fn]Source:(EFI 2002) from European Forest Institute, Internal Report No. 6, 2002 "... read more

Forest certification

programs to audit and certify to consumers that wood and other forest products are produced in forests managed in environmentally and socially responsible or sustainable ways. [fn]Source: (USAID... read more