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Title Definition

The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture is a not-for-profit, international center of excellence for research and development in marginal environments. ICBA was... read more

Integrated (decision-making, planning) management

 a systematic process that ensures all stakeholders, affected disciplines, and sectors have an opportunity to be involved and examines all economic, environmental, and social costs and benefits in... read more

Integrated conservation and development projects

Initiatives that aim to link biodiversity conservation and development.

Integrated pest management

Any practices that attempt to capitalize on natural processes that reduce pest abundance. Sometimes used to refer to monitoring programs where farmers apply pesticides to improve economic... read more

Introduced species/exotic species/non-indigenous species

Species occurring outside their natural biotope; Tree species occurring outside their natural vegetation zone, area or region. Includes hybrids. [fn]Source:(EFI 2002) from European Forest... read more

Invasive species

 a species, often introduced inadvertently or deliberately by human activities from another continent or ecosystem, which can crowd out native species and take over habitats,... read more


The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) is a non-profit, scientific research organization focusing on the sustainable use of water and land resources in developing countries. It is... read more

Keystone species

A species that plays a major ecological role in determining the composition and structure of an ecological community; if a keystone species disappears, the whole community will change. The African... read more


A term denoting the entire complex of surface and near-surface attributes of the solid portions of the surface of the Earth which are significant to people. Water bodies occurring within... read more

Land and Water System

One of the six "systems" established by the U.S. Forest Service to have a systematic, orderly way to view and evaluate its many diverse but interrelated activities. The role of this system is to... read more

Land Capability

The inherent ability of land to be used without permanent damage. Land capability, as ordinarily used in the United States, is an expression of the effect of physical land conditions, including... read more

Land Capability Class

One of the eight classes of land in the land capability classification system of the Soil Conservation Service, now the Natural Resource Conservation Service. The eight land capability classes in... read more

Land Capability Classification

 A grouping of kinds of soil into special units, subclasses, and classes according to their capability for intensive use and the treatments required for sustained use.

Land Classification

Land classification is the process whereby the complex of surface and near-surface attributes of the solid portions of the Earth's surface are identified and organized into some system of mappable... read more

Land Management

The intentional process of planning, organizing, programming, coordinating, directing, controlling, and adapting land use actions to achieve stated objectives.

Land use

the way in which land is used, especially in farming and city planning.

Land use

The human use of a piece of land for a certain purpose (such as irrigated agriculture or recreation). Influenced by, but not synonymous with, land cover

Land, Marginal

Land of questionable abilities to be used economically for a specific purpose.


Lands of one ownership enclosed within the boundaries of another ownership. Often refers to land in private ownership within the boundaries of public land.


an aggregate of landforms, together with its biological communities, often comprised of a mosaic of varying land uses. (Source: DRobinson). [ALSO] A heterogeneous land area composed of a... read more