Sustainable use

 the uses of the biological products and ecological services of ecosystems in a manner and at a rate that does not reduce the system’s ability to provide those products and services to future generations. [fn]Source: (USAID 2005) from "USAID Biodiversity Primer"[/fn] [ALSO] Sustainable use of the environment and its living resources is use at a rate that does not exceed its capacity for renewal in order to ensure its availability for future generations. Sustainable management involves finding a balance between meeting the needs of our current generation while conserving natural resources and protecting the environment for the benefit of future generations. (Source: SMurray) [ALSO sustainable use of forests] Sustainable management is the prerequisite for the sustainable use of forests. Sustainable management means the stewardship and use of forests and forest lands in such a way and at such a rate that maintains their biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity, vitality and their potential to fulfil, now and in the future, relevant ecological and social functions at local, national, and global levels and that does not cause damage to other ecosystems. [fn]Source:(EFI 2002) from European Forest Institute, Internal Report No. 6, 2002 "Compliation of Forestry Terms and Definitions" by Schuck, Paivinen, Hytonen, and Pajari.[/fn]