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Title Definition

The breaking of the seed coat followed by the protrusion of the hypocotyl (that part of the axis of a plant embryo or seedling below the first leaf or pair or whorl of leaves developed by the... read more


(1) the use of grasses and other plants to feed wild or domestic herbivores such as deer, sheep and cows; (2) Consumption of range or artificial pasture forage by animals.

Grazing Capacity, Maximum

The maximum number of animals that a given range area is capable of supporting without inducing injury to soil, vegetation, or a watershed.

Grazing, Deferred Rotation

Discontinuance of grazing on various parts of a range in succeeding years, allowing each part to rest successively during the growing season to permit seed production, establish seedlings, or... read more

Greenhouse effect

the name given to the phenomenon by which transparent gasses of the atmosphere allow sunlight to warm the Earth's surface, and then prevent that warmth from escaping back into space. Like the... read more

Gross domestic product (GDP)

the statistical measure of the total economic value of all the goods and services produced by an economy in a given year. The size and rate of growth of GDP are often taken as indicators of the... read more

Ground Water

(1) Subsurface water occupying the saturation zone (where all openings in soils and rocks are filled), from which wells and springs are fed. The upper surface of this zone of... read more