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Title Definition
Water quality

The level of purity of water; the safety or purity of drinking water.

Water quality testing

monitoring water for various contaminants to make sure it is safe for fish protection, drinking, and swimming.

Water scarcity

A water supply that limits food production, human health, and economic development. Severe scarcity is taken to be equivalent to 1,000 cubic meters per year per person or greater than 40% use... read more

Water Table, Perched (Perched Ground Water Table)

The upper surface of a local zone of soil water saturation held above the main body of groundwater by an impermeable layer or stratum, (usually clay) and separated from the main body of... read more


a region or area over which water flows into a particular lake, reservoir, stream, or river.


a dug or drilled hole used to get water from the earth.


land (marshes or swamps) saturated with water constantly or recurrently; conducive to wide biodiversity [fn]... read more


 land remaining in basically wild (i.e., undisturbed) condition, with few if any traces of human activities.
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