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Title Definition

The characteristic of plants or plant parts that elicit a selective grazing or browsing response by animals. "Palatability" is controlled by the plant factors of chemical composition, proportion... read more


Forests established through the planting or sowing of seed by humans. Plantaion forests have the function to produce special forest products or they have been estahblished for protective purposed... read more

Pastoralism, pastoral system

The use of domestic animals as a primary means for obtaining resources from habitats.


An area devoted to producing forage (introduced or native); grass or other growing plants harvested by grazing and usually enclosed and separated from other areas by a fence or wall.

Pasture Management

The application of practices to keep pasture plants growing actively over as long a period as possible so that they will provide palatable feed of high nutritive value; to encourage the growth of... read more

Pasture, Annual

A pasture consisting of introduced forage species planted for only one year or season's duration.

Pasture, Native

Land used for grazing on which the climax (natural potential) plant community is forest but which is used and managed primarily to produce native or naturalized plants for forage. Includes cutover... read more

Pasture, Permanent

A pasture (usually created) consisting mainly of introduced perennial plants which are permitted to remain for a number of years.

Pasture, Rotation

A pasture of introduced perennial and/or self-seeding annual species, comprising a unit in a rotation (deferred, rest, etc.) of 5 years duration or less.


Land used and managed primarily for producing adapted domesticated forage plants to be grazed by livestock. Management practices usually include one or more treatments such as reseeding,... read more


an undesirable contaminate (gas, liquid, noise, solid) which has been released into, and is now a part of, the environment. [fn]Source: (IISD 2005) from IISD website; http://www.iisd.org/sd/... read more