an undesirable contaminate (gas, liquid, noise, solid) which has been released into, and is now a part of, the environment. [fn]Source: (IISD 2005) from IISD website; http://www.iisd.org/sd/glossary.asp (updated: Aug 2005)[/fn] . [also see related terms: "non-point source pollution"; "zero-discharge technology"; "hazardous waste"] [ALSO] A change in the physical, chemical, or biological characteristics of the air, water, or soil that can affect the health, survival, or activities of humans in an unwanted way. Some expand the term to include harmful effects on all form of life; Generally, the presence of matter or energy whose nature, location or quantity produces undesired environmental effects, ususally a human-made or human-induced alternation of the physical, biolgoica, or radiological integrity of water, air, or soil. [fn]Source:(EFI 2002) from European Forest Institute, Internal Report No. 6, 2002 "Compliation of Forestry Terms and Definitions" by Schuck, Paivinen, Hytonen, and Pajari.[/fn]