Forests established through the planting or sowing of seed by humans. Plantaion forests have the function to produce special forest products or they have been estahblished for protective purposed (e.g., in watershed). Artificial regeneration, geometic plant spacing, chosen tree species are typical characteristics of these stands. They can be located on high productive sites which occur naturally or have been artifically improved. Intensive management techniques and protection measures help to achieve high quantity and/or qualigy in very short periods of time; Forest stand established by planting or/and seeding in the process of afforestation or reforestaion. They are either of introduced species (all planted stands), or intensively managed stands of indigenous species which meet all the following criteria - one or two species at plantaqtion, even age class, regular spacing. [fn]Source:(EFI 2002) from European Forest Institute, Internal Report No. 6, 2002 "Compliation of Forestry Terms and Definitions" by Schuck, Paivinen, Hytonen, and Pajari.[/fn]