Natural resource management (NRM)

is defined as "enhancing natural assets across generations" or “enhancing natural assets across generations for the long term benefit o f humans and their environment.” Natural resources are the building blocks of our economy, livelihoods and indeed our lives. Valuable resources such as oil, gas, minerals and timber are managed intensively by humans but we also manage minerals, plants and animals directly and indirectly through production, consumption and distribution of goods and services. We manage natural resources at large scales (e.g., Three Rivers dam) and micro-scales (genetic resources in biotech). While commodity production involves extraction and separation of natural resources, in nature resources are integrated into complex compositions (e.g., soils, bodies of water) and interdependent (e.g., animals, plants, water and air). Natural resource managers can apply ingenuity and science but NRM is embedded in economics, policy, governance and other social processes. (Source: DRobinson).