Multiple use

Land and resource management for more than one purpose, such as wood production, wildlife, recreation, forage, aesthetics, water supply, or clean air.(Source: S.Murray) [ALSO: multiple use forestry] The planned utlization of foreset resources in such a way that the various needs of people are satisfied on a sustainable basis and that the total of material and non-materials benefits provided by the forests for socieity is as large as possible; Management of foresest to obtain multiple products and benefits (cf. production forest, protection forest and conservation foreste). Muliple use forestry takes an integrated approach toward the different categories of forests and encompasses the scientific, cultural, recreational, historical and amenity values of forest resources. [fn]Source:(EFI 2002) from European Forest Institute, Internal Report No. 6, 2002 "Compliation of Forestry Terms and Definitions" by Schuck, Paivinen, Hytonen, and Pajari.[/fn]